We have a fully trained staff of qualified Accountants and Trainees, all of whom are able to carry out audit services on behalf of our corporate clients. In all cases, we place strong emphasis on providing a timely, cost effective service; our audit process will cause the minimum disruption to your business activities.

Our Company and its procedures are specifically geared to meet the stringent requirements of the Quality Assurance Directorate, and provide a highly specialised service tailored to the individual client’s circumstances. All client assignments are backed up by our computerised audit systems to ensure an adequate audit trail within the process. Additionally, internal compliance procedures have been developed in accordance with regulatory requirements, so clients can be totally confident that their company audit has received the level of care and attention that this task requires.

Our team are all experienced business advisers. With an understanding of your company and its structure throughout the audit, we can advise you on internal procedures, monitoring routines and management opportunities which can greatly assist the development and future prosperity of your business.

We can also advise you on presentation of the audited Accounts in compliance with the constantly changing requirements of the regulations. Furthermore, our team will advise you regarding implementation of International Accounting Standards and International Auditing Standards. We can also assist when reporting to Banks and other third parties on the basis of audited Accounts.